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Fatigue Testing


L to R: Fatigue specimen prepared for elevated temperature test; cyclic displacement and pressure fatigue test of hydraulic hoses


The Structures and Materials Evaluation group evaluates the durability of materials and manufactured components.


Repeated, alternating, or fluctuating stresses lead to a lower effective strength in structures. Fatigue tests are required to determine how a material or component will behave under variable loading. Our laboratory is superbly equipped and experienced in testing for fatigue and fatigue cracking properties.


We can evaluate the strength and durability of materials and manufactured components under realistic environmental and service life conditions. We also perform accelerated fatigue tests of materials and components, applying service loads and conditions to determine endurance limits.

Recent Projects

  • Flight loading and temperature profile simulation

  • Service-induced loading spectra on components

  • Cyclic impact testing on elastomeric gaskets
  • Bolt head fatigue
  • Fatigue crack growth rate testing of standard and non-standard specimens to provide data for aircraft life prediction models
  • Fatigue crack growth rate testing in corrosive atmospheric environments, immersed in corrosive liquids, and at elevated temperatures
  • Fatigue and durability testing of composite springs, engine cyclinder liners, shock aborbers, and gears
  • Cyclic pressure and strain testing of radiators, oil coolers, fuel filters, and engine hoses
  • Most of this work is carried out in the Structural Test Laboratory, and is supported by other facilities in the Research Institute such as the Metallography Lab, the Surface Analysis Lab, the Composites Lab, and the Electronics Lab. 

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