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Software Systems

 Kevin Klawon
 Group Leader



711 E. Monument Avenue
Dayton, OH 45402
Voice: 937-221-7637
Mobile: 203-675-5644
Josh Gold
Team Lead, Commercial Programs
Pat Ryan
Team Lead, Government Programs


Creating Total Solutions


UDRI’s Software Systems Group (SSG) creates total solutions including hardware, software, and algorithms. In addition, SSG offers diverse capabilities, proven development methodologies, cost-effective structures, talented and proven resources, and client-focused strategies that result in reliable software system solutions.
SSG consists of a diverse mix of talent from advanced undergraduate students to PhDs. Many of our development professionals hold Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), Network+, Security+, and other industry standard certifications. Moreover, we can apply our strengths and expertise to your requirements at costs comparable to or better than offshoring.
Capabilities and Research Highlights
SSG has strong software development experience in multiple areas including the following:
Situational Awareness
Next Generation Manufacturing
High Performance Computing
Cyber Security
SSG assisted in developing the Open Standard for Unattended Sensors (OSUS), a development tool and architecture that enables advances in sensor interoperability. OSUS allows any sensors that use standard interfaces to connect to a network and move data across a common sensor grid. Users can quickly code Java™ plug-ins to interface with the common network. Researchers can collect necessary sensor data, collaborate, and share data with other researchers in the technical community without the need to invest in special data collection hardware and software.
Situational Awareness
UDRI’s SSG developed Footprint™, a powerful, flexible, mobile, and scalable web-based situational awareness product that aggregates, analyzes, and monitors situation- and/ or crime-related data. Footprint combines unique data formats, video monitoring systems, and other sensors into one operating picture. It integrates video feeds, sensor feeds, and any other data sets into a common map. It provides real-time crime analytics, and allows analysts to run queries, create reports, analyze patterns, develop custom toolsets, and access assets remotely from mobile devices.
Next Generation Manufacturing
UDRI's SSG is investigating methods for using sensors to improve the manufacturing process. We are evaluating the accuracy of tool positioning systems and researching how to use and improve thermal imaging sensors to detect hot spots in High-Pressure Die Cast machines. We discover sensing methods that allow robots to perform tasks previously requiring human intervention; research how automated endoscopic technology can improve the inspection and measurement of drilled, reamed, chamfered, and tapped holes; and find ways to automate engine cylinder inspection.
High Performance Computing
UDRI's SSG is one of 40 Microsoft™ Metro Azure members and is the only academic institution in this group. We also built one of the first hybrid High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. The solution has Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs), and Intel cores all using the same motherboard backplane. The clusters are interconnected and are all connected to a larger storage cluster using 1 and 10GB Ethernet plus 40GB InfiniBand.
SSG builds sensor solutions integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Wide Area Systems (WAS), Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and Web technologies. We understand the challenges around compression, orthorectification, and Cropland Data Layers (CDLs).
Cyber Security
SSG develops cyber solutions and helps clients move them through the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process. We are building expertise around network and solution security. 

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