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Research Operations

UDRI operations are organized into seven divisions and two offices located in Dayton, Ohio and one office located in Ogden, Utah. Sponsored research is often accomplished by bringing together experience from across several groups or divisions.


Organization Chart (PDF)


We invite you to explore our capabilities via our organizational structure below.


Aerospace Mechanics


Division Head: Michael Bouchard


The Aerospace Mechanics division conducts research and development related to aerospace, ground, industrial, and test systems. We perform fundamental research into advanced concepts and design tools for next generation systems and applied research to develop and achieve new systems capabilities. We specialize in problem solving—identifying root causes to complex technical problems, then conducting engineering design, analysis, and testing to develop, validate and transition solutions.

Groups and Laboratories:
Experimental and Applied Mechanics | Impact Physics | Machine Shop | Structure and Component Characterization | Structures | System and Sustainment Engineering


Energy and Environmental Engineering


Division Head: Steven Zabarnick, Ph.D.


The Energy and Environmental Engineering division conducts research on energy topics, including fuels, combustion, and alternative energy and power sources, and on environmental science and engineering issues.


Groups and Laboratories:  Combustion | Engineering ServicesFuel Science | Fuels Engineering | Modeling and Simulation


Energy Technologies and Materials


Division Head: John Ruschau


The Energy Technologies and Materials division offers expertise in materials, including ceramics, glasses, and electrical, magnetic and optical materials.


Groups and Laboratories: Advanced High-Temperature Materials | Advanced Power Components  | Advanced Thermal Materials and Systems | Aerospace Product Support Engineering | Applied Combustion and Energy Bioenergy and Carbon Mitigation | Electrochemical Power | Electromagnetic Materials | Magnetic Materials | Nano PhysicsNanochemistry and Nanoengineering | Thin Films Technologies Lab


Manufacturing Technology Solutions Accelerator (MTSA) Office


Office Head: Phil Ratermann


The MTSA team has a unique mission of identifying technical and business solutions to help small and medium-sized manufacturers in Ohio increase their competitive advantage and grow. In addition, the MTSA Office leverages the technical capabilities and expertise across UDRI while accomplishing its mission—thus benefitting its sponsors and its customers.


Multi-Scale Composites and Polymers


Division Head: Tom Whitney


The Multi-Scale Composites and Polymers division specializes in full-service research in new organic polymer-based composites, ranging from creation and functionalization of nanoparticles; polymer synthesis and formulation, conversion into films, prepregs, and composites; and manufacturing scale-up, process modeling, tool design, and characterization.


Groups and Laboratories: Additive Manufacturing Technologies Development | Advanced Composites (Analytics) | Advanced Composites (Materials) | Composites Manufacturing and Testing | Multifunctional Products


Nonstructural Materials


Division Head: Susan Saliba


Groups and Laboratories: Aerospace Materials Sustainment | Coatings | Corrosion Science & Engineering | Fluid and Lubricant Technologies | Lubricant Evaluation and Performance | Materialography Analytics | Microanalytical Support | Nanoelectronic Materials, Processes, and Devices | NEST Laboratory | Sealants, Elastomers and Adhesives | Surface Analysis Laboratory


Structural Integrity


Division Head: Dennis Buchanan


The Structural Integrity division's mission is to solve structural safety, durability, and reliability problems through the development and application of new technology. 


Groups and Laboratories: Advanced Materials Characterization | Integrated Methods Materials Characterization | Nondestructive Evaluation Engineering | Life ManagementStructures and Materials Evaluation


Sensor Accelerated Processing and Exploitation (SAPEX) Office


Division Head: Bill Turri


UDRI’s Sensor APEX Office develops and implements novel technologies for improving image data quality, compression, and transmission. Sensor APEX researchers work with image compression algorithms, testbed systems, and advanced computing hardware solutions to make major strides in data and image compression and enhancement.



Sensor Systems


Division Head: Michael O'Connor


The Sensor Systems division was established in early 2007, enabling the focus of UDRI resources on objectives relating to sensor-related research and development.


Groups and Laboratories: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance |  Human Factors | Software Systems | Sensor Test and Evaluation | Electronic Systems Design


Sustainment Technologies Integration Office


STIO Manager: David Calder


The Sustainment Technologies Integration Office coordinates and facilitates the University’s opportunities in the area of system sustainment, starting in the design phase and ending in the retirement phase.

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