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Hydraulic Fluid and Lubricant Characterization and Development

UDRI’s hydraulic fluid and lubricant characterization group is located in the Materials Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force. Our group conducts testing of various hydraulic fluids, gas turbine oils (GTO), lubricants and greases.  These tests meet the requirements set forth in military specifications.  The ability to evaluate these requirements under numerous testing conditions (ASTM and Federal Test Methods) makes our capability unique among testing laboratories.


We have the knowledge and facilities to evaluate the necessary physical and chemical properties: viscosity (-54 C to 400 C), moisture content, acidity, chromatography {super-critical fluid chromatography (SFC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS)}, rheometry (-54 C to 150 C), particle distribution, oxidative and thermal stability, wear properties, and metal content.  Some of these methods were developed by this group and are found in ASTM and FTM. We are especially well known for evaluating hydraulic fluids using unique pump tests and for post-test analysis by chromatography techniques.


Testing can also include samples that have been stressed under various conditions.  These conditions can include high humidity, high pressure, extreme temperatures, and de-icers.  Samples from aircraft and ground problems can also be quickly analyzed and the results quickly relayed back to the originator.


To discuss your testing and evaluation needs, please contact George W. Fultz.  George has over thirty-seven years of experience in the field of lubricants and their characterization.  He leads a team of people who are responsible for “quick turn-around” in the analysis of various lubricants.

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