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Manufacturing Technology Solutions Accelerator (MTSA) Office
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469
Phil Ratermann
Office Head

Todd Brown

Sr. MEP Program Manager


Manufacturing advisors accelerating your success

The Manufacturing Technology Solutions Accelerator Office (FASTLANE) is West Central Ohio’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate. FASTLANE’s experienced, trusted manufacturing advisors identify solutions to help small and medium-sized manufacturers increase their competitive advantage. By leveraging the right resources and removing barriers, FASTLANE delivers positive results quickly. As an unbiased third-party advisor, FASTLANE’s team of Growth Specialists engages directly with our clients’ technical/operations teams to complete impactful projects that drive their strategic manufacturing initiatives forward. Moreover, as part of UDRI with its access to engineers, researchers, and students and with support from the Ohio MEP system, our model is designed to help control project costs.


Who We Serve


FASTLANE is the west central Ohio MEP affiliate. This area includes Shelby, Darke, Miami, Champaign, Clark, Preble, Montgomery, Greene, and Fayette counties. We primarily serve small to medium manufacturing firms as well as engineering and technology companies.



• Technology Acceleration
• Continuous Improvement
• Workforce Development
• Supply Chain Development
• Sustainability
• Resources


Technology acceleration typically involves product development and design, commercialization management, product testing and validation, and new technology knowledge and implementation (such as additive manufacturing). It consists of activities in the introduction and growth of a product or technology lifecycle.

FASTLANE helps manufacturers accelerate technology in many areas including engineering support, design and analysis, software, sensors and electronics, materials and processes, testing and evaluation, market research and analysis, and technology adaptation and transfer. 



Manufacturers know that continuous improvement (CI) results in real savings through reduction in direct costs and in time savings but often do not know where to start. We help assess where they are and provide the resources and training needed to operate a leaner and more profitable business. CI has become a requirement for small and medium manufacturers to do business with large corporations. FASTLANE helps these manufacturers with guidance in 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Six Sigma, and ISO training and consulting, plus computer system networks and security.



Finding, retaining, and training the manufacturing workforce is critical to business growth, competiveness, and sustainability. To that end, FASTLANE works to grow the future workforce needed for advanced manufacturing in Ohio and to address skill gaps in order to transition people into manufacturing careers.

FASTLANE has relationships with numerous workforce solution providers. Our team helps west central Ohio manufacturers by staying up to date on availability, conducting research, getting questions answered, and creating specific programs that meet business needs. We assist manufacturers with professional development programs and training, skills training, internships and co-op programs, surge capacity solutions and manufacturing advocacy.


Supply Chain Development


Suppliers are a critical part of every manufacturer’s extended team. That’s why FASTLANE assists in developing supplier relationships and helps manufacturers to better understand and meet OEM supply chain requirements.


We provide training in supply chain optimization (SCO), which includes improved systems and processes. We also serve manufacturers with local sourcing and analysis, OEM supplier training, inventory management, and supplier development.



Manufacturers must always balance production with regulations, energy usage, and environmental impacts. FASTLANE guides manufacturers through such challenges by conducting research and finding solutions in order to overcome sustainability hurdles and reduce costs in the process. Our experts help in the areas of ISO 14001/50001, energy assessments, regulatory compliance (EPA, etc.), fuels and combustion, environmental engineering, modeling and simulation, chain-of-custody, and gas/fluid recovery and reclamation.




FASTLANE provides information valuable to manufacturers such as notification of upcoming events and advice though our blog.


Tech Hub


The Tech Hub is a program that solves technical challenges, advances technologies, and identifies suppliers in order to better position Ohio companies for capturing supply chain opportunities in commercial aviation.

Our program experts focus on identifying and developing new technology and growing the Ohio supplier base for aerospace manufacturers interested in doing business in the state. We identify existing qualified aerospace suppliers in Ohio and determine the capabilities they need to add in order to compete or to certify with aerospace manufacturers. The program identifies multiple Ohio suppliers in each instance and helps them prove themselves; the best suppliers will thus receive work from those aerospace manufacturers who want screened and qualified Ohio suppliers.


The program covers three critical areas:

• Competitive Edge: Virtual hub for solving CNC machining challenges
• Supply Chain: Supplier scouting and development
• Research and Technology: Vetting and acceleration of materials and manufacturing innovations


Competitive Edge: Virtual Hub for solving CNC machining challenges. Our experts develop innovative approaches to solve technical challenges for aircraft manufacturers or their Tier 1 suppliers by working virtually or on location. We leverage our resource network of industry leaders, trade and academia partners, MEP affiliates, and collaborating organizations in solving such technical challenges.

Research & Technology: Vetting and acceleration of materials and manufacturing innovations. We research innovative technologies for next generation aircraft by inviting new project concepts from Ohio small businesses and reviewing ideas with collaborating aircraft manufacturers. If a material or technology receives interest, we work together to vet the technology and accelerate its development. The Hub serves as a neutral, non-profit program manager to ensure proper handling of intellectual property and export controls.

Supply Chain: Supplier scouting and development. With aerospace manufacturing procurements expected to double within the next 10 years, many suppliers will struggle to meet growing global demand. The Hub empowers Ohio companies to join or advance in the aerospace manufacturing supply chain. We match qualified Ohio suppliers with opportunities from aircraft manufacturers and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

In aerospace or any industry, FASTLANE helps new and existing suppliers improve competitiveness by finding or providing solutions in training, workforce development, certification, continuous improvement, and other areas. Contact us and let us help you reach your goals.

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