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Theodore F. Williams


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300 College Park
Dayton OH 45469-0043

937-252-8878 Ext.113
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Energy and Environmental Engineering Division

Engineering Services

Senior Research Engineer
Group Leader, Engineering Services


Ted Williams is the group leader for the Engineering Services group, which was formed in 2003. He has co-authored numerous research publications and patents, and has over 27 years experience in research and development. Before Ted joined UDRI in 1990, he worked in the research and development group at the Eastman Kodak Company as a senior engineer. Ted has an extensive background in the design, development, control, construction, and operation of simulators and test apparatus for evaluating fuels, additives, and system components over a wide range of test conditions.



  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering Technology, University of Dayton, 1982

Professional Affiliations


National Society of Professional Engineers


Selected Publications

  • C.A. Obringer, J.S. Ervin, S. Zabarnick, T.F. Williams, M.D. Vangsness, L.M. Shafer, G.L. Dieterle, and K.E. Binns, “Development of Low Temperature Additives for Use in Jet Fuel,” Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels, Steamboat Springs, CO, 2003, in press.

  • J.S. Ervin, T.A. Ward, T.F. Williams, J. Bento, “Surface Deposition within Treated and Untreated Stainless Steel Tubes Resulting from Thermal-Oxidative and Pyrolytic Degradation of Jet Fuel,” Energy & Fuels,  Vol. 17, pp. 577-586, 2003.

  • T. Doungthip, J. S. Ervin, T. F. Williams, and J. Bento, “Studies of Injection of Jet Fuel at Supercritical Conditions,” Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 41, pp. 5856-5866, 2002.

  • J. S. Ervin, T. F. Williams, S. P. Heneghan, and S. Zabarnick, “The Effects of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration, Fractional Oxygen Consumption, and Additives on JP-8 Thermal Stability,” Transactions of ASME, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 119, pp. 822-829, November 1997.

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