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Multi-Scale Composites and Polymers 

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 Brian Rice

 Division Head




300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-0160


937-229-3016 (division)
937-229-3433 (fax)

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The Multi-Scale Composites & Polymers division consists of four integrated research groups that employ 55 full-time research staff members. The division specializes in full-service research in new organic polymer-based composites, ranging from creation and functionalization of nanoparticles; polymer synthesis and formulation, conversion into films, prepregs, and composites; and manufacturing scale-up, process modeling, tool design, and characterization.


The Carbon Materials Group conducts research on all carbons ranging from nanotubes to carbon/carbon and carbon foams. The Advanced Polymers Group conducts research on functionalization of nanoparticles, custom formulations and compounding, polymer synthesis, characterization, and fire testing. The Advanced Composites Group conducts research on high-temperature composites, thermal management, environmental durability, and mechanics modeling of composite laminates, with a focus on Air Force applications. The Nanocomposites & Composites Group conducts research on nano-tailored composites for multi-functional applications. Materials are developed and evaluated for adhesives, coatings, tackified fabrics, molding compounds, and prepregs.


The division performs contracted research with over 50 entities including federal labs, industry, and universities. Projects include: development of lightweight, structural composites armor, structural composites for aerospace, fire resistant polymers, low cost tooling, thermal management solids and liquids, co-injection molding, and full-spectrum characterization support.


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