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von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center 

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von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center
The University of Dayton
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On 21 February 2003, during the year of the "Centennial of Powered Flight," the University of Dayton dedicated the "von Ohain Fuels & Combustion Center" within the School of Engineering. The establishment of this center signals the University's strong commitment to engineering education, scholarly research, and knowledge dissemination in the areas of fuels and combustion science and technologies.

The von Ohain Fuels & Combustion Center is a gateway to Education, Research & Development, and Technology Transfer and Knowledge Dissemination in Fuels & Combustion. (Brochure)


The center is named for Dr. Hans von Ohain, co-inventor of the jet engine. Dr. von Ohain retired in 1979 as Chief Scientist of the Aerospace Research Laboratories and the Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and joined the University of Dayton as a professor of mechanical engineering.  He died in 1998.


To be recognized as a national and international resource for quality education, state-of-the-art research, and efficient technology transfer in the areas of fuels and combustion.


The von Ohain Fuels & Combustion Center will develop multidisciplinary educational courses in fuels and combustion, conduct sponsored research, and facilitate technology transfer. It will provide a valuable resource for local, state, and national needs and fulfill the University's mission of teaching, research, technology transfer, and public service.

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