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Alexander B. Morgan, Ph.D. 


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Kettering Laboratories, Room 501B
300 College Park
Dayton, OH  45469-0170

937-229-3433 (fax)


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Energy Technologies and Materials Divsion


Flame Retardant Research and Materials Fire Testing



Distinguished Research Scientist
Group Leader, Applied Combustion and Energy Group


Alex has over seventeen years of experience in the areas of materials flammability, polymeric material flame retardancy, fire science, fire testing, and fire safety engineering with an emphasis on chemical structure property relationships and fire safe material design.  He has helped academic, government, and industrial customers solve their flame retardant and fire safety needs in a wide range of applications.  Dr. Morgan is on the editorial review boards for two fire safety journals (Fire and Materials, Journal of Fire Science), and is a member of ASTM, Sigma Xi, and the American Chemical Society.



  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of South Carolina, 1998
  • B.S., Chemistry, Virginia Military Institute, 1994


Dr. Morgan’s current research areas include:

  • New Flame Retardant Technology for Polyurethane Foam / Furniture
  • New Flame Retardant Technology with Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Fire Testing Method Development
  • Waste-To-Energy Pyrolysis and Combustion Science
  • Thermal Degradation and Stability Behavior of Materials. 

Dr. Morgan has a wide range of skills and experience including:

  • Extensive experience and expertise with relating real world regulations to commercial product design while considering product cost, balance of properties, and environmental impact.  
  • Extensive experience with project management, program budgets/budgeting, and leading technical work on commercialization projects as well as basic research programs.  
  • Extensive experience and expertise of halogenated and non-halogenated flame retardant systems in a wide range of polymers.  17 years of work in the flame retardant field with extensive contacts across the entire field of research.  
  • Experience and extensive knowledge on polymer nanocomposites, including synthetic knowledge, structure-property relationships, and characterization techniques.  13 years of work in this field with extensive contacts across the entire field.  Includes experience with clays, nanotubes, nanofibers, colloidal silicas and many other nanofillers.  Also includes extensive experience in nanofiller + polymer interface science.  
  • Experience and knowledge of organometallic and organic synthesis.  
  • Experience and knowledge of chemical and polymer characterization techniques, such as TEM (sample preparation and analysis), XRD, UV/Vis/NIR, FTIR, NMR, GC, GPC, TGA, and DSC.  
  • Extensive knowledge and strong expertise of polymer flammability and fire safety engineering of materials in multiple applications.  This includes experience and knowledge of regulatory and scientific flammability tests, such as UL-94, LOI, cone calorimeter, FAA PCFC (micro cone calorimeter), other ASTM, NFPA, IEC and Mil-STD tests.  Strong expertise with the cone calorimeter, including data analysis, experimental design, and correlation between tests.  
  • Strongly proficient with compounding of polymer additives, including use of thermoplastic polymer instruments, specifically blender mixing heads, twin screw extruders, compression molders, and injection molding machines.  Also have thermoset polymer experience and knowledge including composite fabrication.
  • Strongly proficient and experienced with writing research reports, original proposals, patent disclosures, research grant proposals, and scientific publications.  Over 100 total publications to date.

Selected Publications:


  •            Diallo, A. O.; Len, C.; Morgan, A. B.; Marlair, G. “Revisiting Phys.-Chem. Related Safety Issues of Ionic Liquids” Journal of Separation and Purification Technology 2012, 97, 228-234 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.seppur.2012.02.016
  •            Benin, V.; Durganala, S.; Morgan, A. B. “Synthesis and Flame Retardant Testing of New Boronated and Phosphonated Aromatic Compounds” J. Mater. Chem. 2012, 22, 1180-1190. .
  •            Li, Y-C.; Mannen, S.; Yang, Y-H.; Morgan, A. B.; Grunlan, J. C. “Anti-Flammable Intumescent Nanocoatings on Fabric” Advanced Materials 2011, 23, 3926-3931. 
  •            “Use of Inorganic Materials to Enhance Thermal Stability and Flammability Behavior of a Polyimide” Morgan, A. B.; Putthanarat, S. Polym. Degrad. Stab. 2011, 96, 23-32. 
  •            Morgan, A. B. “The Use of Additives, Nanocomposites, and Barrier Coatings to Enhance Polymer Composite Durability” Chapter in “Long Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites”, Pochiraju, K.; Tandon, G.; Schoeppner, G. Eds. Springer Science, NY, 2011  ISBN 978-1-4419-9307-6
  •            Morgan, A. B.; Liu, W. “Flammability of Thermoplastic Carbon Nanofiber Nanocomposites” Fire Mater. 2011, 35, 43-60. 
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  •            Morgan, A. B. “A Review of Transition Metal-Based Flame Retardants:  Transition Metal Oxide/Salts, and Complexes” in ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES #1013, Fire and Polymers V: Materials and Concepts for Fire Retardancy.  Eds. Nelson, G. L.; Wilkie, C. A.; Morgan A. B.  2009, Oxford University Press / American Chemical Society, pp312-328. 
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