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Impact Physics 

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 Kevin L. Poormon
 Group Leader




300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-0116




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Aerospace Mechanics  Division

The Impact Physics group solves complex impact problems and has been conducting research and development for impact-resistant systems for government and industrial sponsors since 1965.


We have the most diversified indoor impact research facility in the world. Our 13 gun ranges are capable of propelling objects at velocities ranging from tens of feet per second to over 24,000 feet per second.


We routinely perform testing in the fields of foreign object damage (FOD), light armor design and evaluation, penetration mechanics, hypervelocity impact testing and analysis, and dynamic behavior of materials.



The breadth of topics studied by the UDRI Impact Physics group include:


Terminal Ballistics


Advanced armor development

Aircraft component survivability

Birdstrike testing

Foreign object damage

Fragment containment testing

Lightweight armor

Low-velocity impact damage

Military standard testing

Penetration mechanics

Penetrator evaluation

Structural response to impact


Hypervelocity Impact


Debris cloud formation

KE penetrators

Spacecraft shielding


Ballistic Test Design


Armor and penetrator design

Flash radiography

Foreign object simulators

High speed photography

Sabot development


High-Strain-Rate Material Behavior


Constitutive modeling

Failure criteria

Hopkinson bar tests

Material properties characterization

Shock wave propagation


Impact Shock Testing


Data recorders

Electronic components

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