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Did You Know? 
Kevin Poormon in the Hypervelocity Impact Testing and Analysis lab

Did you know? UDRI…


… employs over 400 full-time researchers, technicians and support staff in eight operating units that provide basic and applied R&D services for our customers.


…performed more than $95 million in sponsored research in fiscal year 2009.


…developed and operates the world’s fastest light-gas gun, used to measure the impact of space debris at orbital speeds.


…developed and operates the world’s only test facility to certify sulkies that race in U.S. Trotting Association sanctioned events.


…developed the phase-change materials used in Domino’s Pizza’s first “Heat Wave” transport pack and in portable refrigerators for vaccine delivery to Third World nations.


…designed modifications to aircraft canopies for every model of high-performance jet fighter and bomber currently flying to improve their resistance to bird strikes.


…operates the world’s first center for the scale-up and product demonstration of nano-enhanced polymer composites.


… ranks second in the nation for sponsored materials research.


…employed more than 260 undergraduate and graduate students in meaningful research in fiscal year 2008.


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